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Health care insurance – Basic CARE1
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Health care insurance – Basic CARE1

For personal, family

The price according to the optionns:
CARE1 290,000KIP(-10%)=261,000KIP
CARE2 610,000KIP(-10%)=549,000KIP
CARE3 1,565,000KIP(-10%)=1,408,500KIP

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Product description

The insured: Laos or foreigners are living in Lao, the ages in 6-50. Geographical limit of treatment: Lao, Thailand, Vietnam (Covid-19 covered).
Hospital fee quarantee:
+ For the hospitals signed agreement with LVI or out-patient treatment: when going for treatment, customers should bring the e-Certificate which included QR Code to get guarantee from LVI (as Hanoi-Vientiane hospital, view more list of these hospitals here: www.laovietinsurance.com).
+ For the other hospitals and in-patient: Please pay for hospital first and submit a claim to LVI within 30 days from the end of treatment.
Waiting period: Wating period is a period from valid date for which related insurance benefits are not covered. In case continuous renewal, waiting period will be not applied:
+ Accident: no applicaple
+ Illness: 30 days
+ Special diseases, malarial fever and pre-existing diseases: 365 days
+ Pregnancy: 60 days in respect of miscarriage or abortion as prescribed by physician and pregnancy treatment; 270 days in respect of childbirth.
Insurance packages: There are 03 options CARE1, CARE2, CARE3 respectively with benefits and premiums as follows:

Health care insurance – Basic CARE1

The other Health insurance
Health care insurance – VIP CARE3


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